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Zungaron is a Dzurlord, a Lavode-in-training, and the holder of the Great Weapon Nightslayer. Currently, he's known as Telnan, but will be called Zungaron (or, presumably, Zungaron Lavode) when he finishes his studies. His acquisition of Nightslayer is detailed in Steven Brust's short story The Desecrator.

Zungaron was discovered by Sethra Lavode, who used Iceflame to locate him (or rather, his Great Weapon) and then decided to train him as a Lavode. He studied Wizardry under Sethra — literally under: he spent the best part of twenty years living in the dungeons under Dzur Mountain while training.

Zungaron is perhaps unusual among Dzurlords in that he is habitually cheerful. He also displays no species prejudice. This might just be a cheery disposition, or the flipside of his darker nature as revealed in The Desecrator. He considers himself evil, and the thought doesn't disturb him at all. Nightslayer, who should definitely know, agrees with his assessment.

He also enjoys eating at Valabar's, after sharing a meal there with Vlad Taltos.

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