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This page is about the House of the Yendi. For the book, see Yendi (book). For the animal, see Yendi (animal).

The House of the Yendi is one of the seventeen Great Houses of the Dragaeran Empire.

The Yendi are known for the elaborate machinations, and their extreme subtlety. In fact, they put the "b" into subtle. Because their characteristic House appearance is to not have one, at least during the Interregnum, Yendi would identify each other with a sign-countersign made with the fingers of the left hand.[1]

It is axiomatic that only a Yendi can unravel a Yendi's schemes. (Lord Lairon e'N'vaar )

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House Characteristics[]

  • House colors: none
  • Associated concepts: subtlety and misdirection
  • Physical appearance:
    • noble's point
    • no other distinctive House attributes are readily apparent, although this fact by itself is often enough of a clue to identify a Yendi.
  • Personality traits:
    • extremely subtle
    • devious
    • good planners
    • deceptive
    • manipulative
    • secretive
  • Social status:
    • Nobility

Notable Yendi[]

Quotes regarding Yendi[]

Q: How many Yendi does it take to sharpen a sword?
A: Three. One to sharpen the sword, and one to confuse the issue.
Vlad Taltos, in Yendi
If Pel were involved, we should not suspect a Yendi.
Aerich, in Five Hundred Years After

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  1. The Paths of the Dead, Chapter 28 "Various Others", Pel's meeting with the Sorceress in Green.