Lyorn Records

A military action between Greenaere and Elde Island on one side, and the Dragaeran Empire on the other, described in Phoenix. It began towards the end of the 243rd year of Zerika IV's reign, and continued into the new year.

The war was started by Greenaere, because they were under the impression that the Dragaeran Empire had murdered their King, Haro Olithorvold. They concluded this because Vlad Taltos, who had in fact performed the murder, was from the mainland, and was rescued from the Greenaeran prison by Aliera e'Kieron using Elder Sorcery, which could be inferred as meaning that Vlad had the support of the Empire.

The war was mostly a naval action, in which the first military action was a Greenaeran ship ramming and sinking an Imperial cargo vessel named Song of Clouds.

Due to the Empire's fears that the war would require more troops, conscription was instituted, which led to the Revolt of 244.

The war was eventually ended by Vlad Taltos, who negotiated a peace treaty with the new King, Corcor'n, which pinned the ultimate blame for the murder of the King on a high-ranking Jhereg named Boralinoi.