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Wadre was a bandit or highwayman in the years of the Interregnum. His appearance suggested that he was of the House of the Chreotha.


It is unclear exactly how old Wadre was, though an age of 700 to 800 years seems likely. In any event, it is likely that, as a nobleman born before the Interregnum, he would have had some sort of profession or trade prior to becoming a highwayman.

Wadre formed a band of highwaymen at some point, likely after Adron's Disaster removed the threat of Imperial Army patrols on the major highways of Dragaera. This is consistent with the histories of the other members of his band, whose own histories (those that are known, in any event) indicate that banditry was not initially their primary career choice.

At the time shortly before the restoration of the Empire, Wadre's band was operating on the roads in the South-Eastern portions of Dragaera, along the roads leading from Adrilankha to Dzur Mountain.

Piro, Kytraan and Lar first crossed paths with his band when they were on their way to Dzur Mountain. While they at first thought he had been pursuing them, Wadre insisted that they were merely traveling in the same direction, and that he had no intention of harming them, nor of robbing them at that time. Wadre wondered if they were asking to join his band, and in the end, the two groups parted amiably.

Wadre later was convinced to join with Grita in tracking down the party of Zerika and confronting them above Deathgate Falls.

After being defeated there, Wadre's band was broken apart and scattered. Wadre then met Pel and came to an agreement to help the Yendi, though by the time he had found his quarry, Grita had as well. The sorceress killed him... and stole his horse too.

Personal Philosophy and Habits[]

Wadre is reputed to have held the philosophy that it was better to steal small purses than large ones. The reasoning being that stealing large purses leads to large chases, which invariably leads to capture--which is never a good thing for a highwayman. As it was noted by Grassfog sometime after Wadre's death, the first time that Wadre varied from this principle, it immediately led to his own destruction.