Lyorn Records

The son of Vladimir Taltos and Cawti. Vlad was some years late in learning (in Dzur) about the existence of his son, though many others, including Kiera, Noish-pa, Sethra Lavode, Aliera, and Morrolan, had apparently known about him since birth. According to Kiera, he resembles his father in looks. Vlad, when he finally meets the boy as depicted in Iorich, thinks his eyes look like Cawti's.

Vladimir Norathar is apparently often cared for by one of his namesakes, Norathar, on occasions when Cawti is busy elsewhere.

It is unknown if Cawti has given her son the Taltos patronymic.

After meeting his father for the first time, at the age of four, and being impressed with Loiosh, Vladimir Norathar undertook the study of witchcraft.

Four years later, he appears to be continuing these studies. He is alert, inquisitive, and has disciplined mannerisms. He owns and makes fairly nimble use of a niball racquet, indicating a fondness and aptitude for this sport. He has also been hanging around quite frequently with a young brown-haired Dragaeran girl named Devera.

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