Lyorn Records

After the army of the Jhegaala was involved in overthrowing the seventeenth Teckla republic, Viodonna VI was installed as Empress of the seventeenth Jhegaala reign.

During Viodonna's reign, the Empire undertook a war against Elde Island known as the Island Wars. (It is known that Greenaere was allied with the Empire during this conflict.) This war involved a number of battles, including an engagement near Lake P'iensotta.

A certain Yaro e'Lanya was in command of the Imperial Army for much of this conflict, eventually dying at the famous Charge of the Brown River.

Sethra Lavode served as Warlord for the second half of the wars. It is unknown who was Warlord prior to this, though it may have been the aforementioned Yaro.

At the end of the war, the cycle changed, and Viodonna's rule gave way to the Athyra empress Cherova III.