Lyorn Records

Captain of the guard in Fenario during the rule of King László.

More than any other man in Fenario, Viktor feared change, and protected the Old Palace from criticism, even as it crumbled around him.

Viktor claims to be the eldest son of King Vendel's daughter, Monika, who was the older sister of Gellért, King László's paternal grandfather. Viktor and László are, by this reckoning, first cousins once removed (there are problems with this; see discussion)

As a result of his parentage, Viktor felt he had an equally legitimate claim to the throne of Fenario as László. He plotted to seize the throne, and was denounced by Mariska during the events immediately preceding the destruction of the Old Palace. László, however, already knew of Viktor's pretensions and plots, and told Mariska as much.

During the last battle, when László decided to try and destroy the Tree (and those who stood to defend it), Viktor tried to attack Vilmos, but was struck unconscious. After he woke up, he saw another opportunity to kill Vilmos, and even manage to land the blow, but it failed to harm Vilmos, who then crushed Viktor's neck.