Lyorn Records

Where Verra makes her residence, or perhaps just gives audiences. So far as we have seen, the Halls consist of large white series of arches and passageways, and one large room with a throne in it, which Verra will seat herself on. The Halls appear to be situated in a different plane of existence than Dragaera, and probably different from the Halls of Judgment too. Her Halls can only be reached, as far as we know, by unconventional means -- see below regarding Vlad Taltos's visits to Verra's Halls.

The entrance to the throne room is barred by huge heavy doors of wood, colored white, with carvings on them. The Halls sometimes appear enshrouded in fog, and other times don't. Verra appears to own something that appears to look like a black cat (although Loiosh senses something about said cat). This cat may lead visitors to the throne room, or it might not. Verra's grandchild Devera will sometimes show up in Verra's Halls to visit.

Vlad has visited Verra's Halls five times so far. Phoenix begins with Verra bringing him there herself. Later on in that same book, he simultaneously shook some of his own blood through Morrolan's Window and called upon her, which appears to have caused the Window to grant him access. Finally, also in Phoenix, during his second escape from Greenaere, Aibynn's drumming helped to provide a passageway to Verra's Halls.

In Issola, an arcane Jenoine device took him and Lady Teldra there.

In Dzur, Vlad lays Godslayer directly upon an altar to Verra, and that also brings him instantly to the Halls. Verra is startled and notes that she must close that portal.