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Valabar and Sons is, quite simply, the best restaurant in The Empire.

Valabar and sons

Run by a family of Easterners (not surprisingly, the Valabar family), the history of this establishment goes back thousands of years. It is said that even the lowliest worker at Valabar's learns more about food than one who studies extensively elsewhere.

Valabars specializes in Eastern cuisine, especially from the Eastern kingdom of Fenario. A full meal will consist of at least 6 or 7 courses, including klava, an appetizer, soup, a fish course, a poultry course, a main entre, and a dessert confection. While a customer will have a choice of various main entrees and their dessert, the bulk of the menu is predetermined by the chef, different wine pairings are served with most courses, with the staff being cognizant of the guest's preferences, especially if they are a repeat customer.

Many noble families hire former employees of Valabar's as their personal cooks (for instance, the cook at Whitecrest Manor).

The restaurant itself is relatively small, with only twenty tables (eleven in the front room, nine in the other), decorated very simply. The ceilings are fairly low, forcing Dragaerans to duck their heads when entering the establishment.

Whatever tensions have existed between Dragaerans and Easterners, the Dragaerans have always treated Valabar's with respect; the food is simply that good.

Known Employees of Valabar's[]

  • Vili
  • Mihi
  • Jani