Lyorn Records

Undauntra was an Empress of the Dragaeran Empire but of unknown House or Reign. It is known that she initiated the construction of the labyrinth under the Imperial Palace of Dragaera City, as well as several other areas of the palace to help improve what she called "the most bleeding indefensible structure it has ever been my duty to occupy."

Undauntra appears to have fought a war with Sethra Lavode, but the particulars of this event are not discussed. It is said she used to prefer that her troops fight while hungry (but it is also notable that the opposite was about Sethra and she is seen to deny it).

Her name is occasionally used in oaths.

One of the major avenues of Adrilankha is named after Undauntra.

Additional Notes[]

Vladimir Taltos once made the following obscure reference to a play that, presumably, engages in the subject of her war with Sethra: "Then forward, Undauntra, lest fear snag our heels."