Lyorn Records

Udaar, a Dragonlord, was an advisor and diplomatist serving Skinter at the end of the Interregnum.

Udaar was around 600 or 700 years old when he traveled to Elde Island to locate Illista and recruit her to Skinter's project.

Udaar negotiated with Illista, offering her a place at court and an income of ten thousand imperials in return for her cooperation and, through her, the recognition of the House of Phoenix.

Illista was more than happy to agree, and she accompanied Udaar back to the mainland. During the return journey, Illista pumped Udaar for information about the current state of political affairs in what had once been the Empire.

Later, Udaar served as an envoy to Elde Island, successfully convincing the King, Corthina Fi Dacalda, to invade Adrilankha's harbor at the same time Skinter's army attacked from the east.

Udaar's fate following the defeat of Skinter is not known. If captured, he may have ranked high enough to be set on the Executioner's Star.