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Tsira, also sometimes called Tsani, is a norska trapper who lives in a remote region of Dragaera, near South Mountain. She is the sister of Grassfog.

Tsira's family (who have a long tradition of both norska trapping and living as highwaymen) once operated in the Greymist Valley near Deathgate Falls. It was there that one of Tsira's ancestors obtained an amulet capable of detecting the presence of sorcery. This amulet was passed on to Grassfog, whose dying request was that it be passed on to Tsira.

Tsira used this amulet to allow Piro and the rest of his band to find the Jenoine who was aiding Grita and Illista during the events surrounding the Battle of Adrilankha.

Tsira is a lover of strong drink, which she brews herself.

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