Lyorn Records

Tsanaali was a young Dragonlord of the e'Lanya line, and a lieutenant under Kâna. He was trained in, among other things, small-scale combat tactics.

Tsanaali was tasked with preventing Zerika from retrieving the Orb. At this point in time, Pel was still working for Kâna, and it was he who guided Tsanaali to South Mountain. However, Pel and Tsanaali had certain harsh words with each other, leading to great and lethal animosity between them. Shortly after that, Pel defected to Zerika's side, because his old friends Khaavren, Tazendra and Aerich were supporting her.

Once Tsaanali found that Zerika had indeed already retrieved the Orb, he tried to capture her anyway. This attack upon her was the Battle of South Mountain, in which Tsanaali's forces (among whom were an ensign named Marra, a sergeant named Lazzo, and a soldier named Stonecutter) were soundly repelled by Zerika's defenders (which included, besides the four already mentioned above, Piro, Ibronka, Röaana, and Kytraan, as well as the Teckla servants Lar and Mica, and even those who had formerly been bandits in Wadre's Band).

After the Battle of South Mountain, Tsanaali was joined by Grita, and together they traveled with what was left of Tsanaali's company to inform Kâna of the events that had taken place, and to therefore prepare for the consequent Battle of Dzur Mountain. Grita and Tsanaali also managed to antagonize one another during this period. Tsanaali promised the half-breed sorceress that he would fight her after the war was over, provided that he survived his duel against Pel, since the Yendi had challenged him first, and provided that Grita did not arrange to have him poniarded from behind during the battle. Grita and Tsanaali engaged in a discussion about honor; Tsanaali avered that he would not give up his honor to achieve his goals, whereas Grita indicated that she was so determined to achieve the revenge she sought that she would not allow social niceties to stand in her way.

In Kâna's final attack on Zerika at the Battle of Adrilankha, Tsanaali was given a small company of about a score of soldiers, and this company was tasked with making their way by stealth through the back streets of Adrilankha during the battle, killing the guards around and within Whitecrest Manor, and retrieving the Orb from Zerika after the Jenoine disabled the Orb. However, Khaavren and Pel were both present to successfully defend Zerika against this attack, and Pel satisfied his animosity against Tsanaali by killing him.