Lyorn Records

The Treaty of the Pepperfields was negotiated near the beginning of the 18th Phoenix Reign of Emperor Tortaalik between the Empire and the Easterners. This peaceful accord was first suggested by Khaavren of the Imperial Guard, with the assistance and co-operation of Adron e'Kieron. The Pepperfields, a natural pass in the mountainous region in the extreme East of the Empire, had been a bone of contention between the two races for thousands of years. The agreement granted to the Eastern tribes of Fenario the agricultural use of the Pepperfields; in exchange, the Empire gained Sandyhome, and the right to trade horses (instead of launching raids to steal them).

Leading up to the treaty involved the movement of several factions: The Eastern leader, Crionofenarr, had lead a war party through the Pepperfields, allegedly in anger against the Empire raiding the East for horses. At the edge of the Pepperfields, he and his forces came upon Khaavren and his friends, interrupting a duel between Kathana e'Marish'Chala and Uttrik e'Lanya. And finally, Adron e'Kieron was approaching with his forces.

Crionofenarr tried charging Khaavren and his friends at first, but Khaavren killed his horse. In outrage over this, Crionofenarr challenged Khaavren to single combat, and defeated him. However, before actually killing Khaavren, Crionofenarr was distracted by having Adron and his army pointed out to him. Crionofenarr then explained his reasons for attacking Dragaera, and Khaavren began negotiating for a peaceful alternative.

It could be argued that Khaavren did not actually have the right to negotiate such an important treaty, since neither he nor Adron e'Kieron were appointed by the Empire to speak for the Empire. However, since the results of the negotiation were exactly in line with what Emperor Tortaalik desired — that is, a resolution to the Easterner raids that involved minimal financial or political expenditures on the part of the Empire, and access to the diamond mines of Sandyhome — this breach of protocol was overlooked, and Tortaalik eagerly approved of the treaty.

The treaty was finalized in the 4th year of Tortaalik's reign.

It is unclear whether or not this treaty remained in effect after the Interregnum. The easiest route into (and out of) Fenario suffered a rockslide in recent years, however, presumably making access to the Pepperfields much more difficult for residents of this kingdom. This may make the treaty a moot point.