Lyorn Records

The Dragaeran Empire uses a wide range of titles based primarily on feudal land holdings.

Hereditary titles[]

Titles and associated land holdings[]

  • Duke/Duchess - Duchy
  • Count/Countess - County
  • Viscount/Viscountess - County (with lesser precedence)
  • Baron/Baroness - Barony
  • Baronet/Baronetess - Baronetcy (not necessarily landed)
  • Marquis/Marchioness - Marquisate (or District [TPG 14])

Imperial titles[]

Most hereditary titles are associated with the holder's House. However, Imperial Titles can be bestowed as a special favour from the Emperor/Empress, even to those without houses.

Courtesy titles[]

The title of a spouse, or a subsidiary title of a parent, may be used as a courtesy title. Also, a title may be used even if the associated lands have been lost, so long as no one else is using the title.

Decline of the importance of fiefs[]

Paresh gives a little rant about fiefs in Teckla [Tek 26-27]. His main point is that most members of the noble houses no longer have fiefs, but still use the land holding titles above. The only exception being the Lyorn, most of whom are knights. Paarfi also seems to use the title of knight, but I would hesitate to generalize from him to the rest of the House of the Hawk.

House variations[]

  • Jhereg - Titles are purchased from the House. Despite being bought this way, we know that Vlad's baronetcy is real, even if we don't know anything else about it. [Tek 26-27]
  • Orca - Among the seafaring Orca, titles are changed so as to coincide with naval rank. You can't have a count serving as mate under a baronet captain. [Tek 26] On land, where chain-of-command is less important, it is unclear how titles are granted, but they seem to be unconnected to actual fiefs, and related to personal wealth and standing in the business community.
  • Chreotha - Titles are strictly hereditary and never involve real fiefs. [Tek 26]
  • Tiassa - We know that Khaavren's family sold their fief "back" to The Empire which seems to imply it was purchased to begin with. [TPG 14]
  • Lyorn - Titles are always connected to actual fiefs, which is why most Lyorn bear the title of Knight, which has no associated land.

Imperial Succession[]

The person currently in possession of The Orb is the Emperor/Empress. The people who would receive the orb, were their house to take power, are the Heirs of their houses and are grated the title Prince/Princess.

Military Rank[]

Military rank can be used as a title.

These are ranks known to be used in the Imperial Guard, other military forces may vary.

  • Brigadier
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant
  • Ensign
  • Guardsman


Cavalier is the title used by landless nobility before the Interregnum. It seems to have been replaced by Sir, and presumably Dame, indicating the rank of Knight, since then.

Lord and Lady seem to be used as general-purpose honorifics regardless of actual rank.