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This page is about the House of the Tiassa. For the book, see Tiassa (book). For the animal, see Tiassa (animal).

Tiassa are renowned as thinkers and planners.

They are a bit temperamental and impetuous, but are very good at thinking on their feet. The house is also well known for its tendency towards youthful ambition.

They likely serve members of the other noble houses in advisory capacities; military strategists (Dragon), financial planners (Orca, Tsalmoth, Chreotha) or research assistants (Lyorn, Hawk, Athyra).

See also Speculation:Cycle Turnings.

House Characteristics[]

  • House colors: blue and white
  • Associated concept: Catalyst and Inspiration
  • Physical appearance: high cheekbones, "distinctive" ears ("more pointed than those of an Athyra, but less so than those of Dzur") and eyes; narrow eyes, thin lips, fair complexion, lean build, long nervous hands
  • Personality traits: inspired, (prescient), resourceful, curious, precise, enthusiastic, ambitious, outspoken
  • Social status: Noble
  • Key to the Paths of the Dead: tattoo

Notable Tiassa[]

Quotes Regarding Tiassa[]

"The Horse! You are a Tiassa; think of something."
Uttrik e'Lanya to Khaavren, in The Phoenix Guards

"Well, I admit I have sometimes had ideas."
"That is but natural; you are a Tiassa."
Röaana and Ibronka, in The Paths of the Dead

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