Lyorn Records

A game where wagers are placed on the outcome of three coins that are flipped in the air.

The rankings of the fall of the coins is based on the images on either side of a common copper piece. They are as follows (from highest to lowest):

  • Three Orbs
  • Three Thrones
  • Split High (2 Orbs, 1 Throne)
  • Split Low (1 Orb, 2 Thrones)

Based on the game that Tazendra, Aerich, and Khaavren play at the beginning of The Phoenix Guards, it is typically played with at least 3 players.

The first players throws the coins, and depending on the result, places a bet. The next player must match the bet, and throw the coins. Whoever has the highest ranking fall of the coins wins the bets.

In the case of ties, a second round of throwing follows. The original thrower (if he remains, otherwise we assume play goes to the next thrower) has the option to increase the bet based on the result of their 2nd throw. The remaining players must again meet this bet, and throw again. Play continues until someone has a clear winning throw.

This game has apparently been common since at least the reign of Tortaalik (possibly much earlier) and continues to be played by the time of Vlad Taltos. Its continued popularity may be thanks to the ease of set-up and play (only coins required) and to the vast range that the bet could have. Other players do not need to play if the wager is too high.