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The Stolen Boat is a wine bar just off Undauntra Street near Little Deathgate in Adrilankha.

The main space consists of a large square room with polished floors, gilded fittings, expensive carpets, and elaborate chandeliers. There are booths along one wall, similar to many Eastern restaurants, with a large rectangular bar in the center of the room. The décor being far more elaborate than is typical for an establishment in the neighborhood in which it is found, it is likely that a previous owner had originally intended to service a somewhat higher level of clientele from the Teckla and Jhereg who comprise its typical customer.

The bar does boast an impressively wide variety of wines, some quite expensive.

In addition, The Stolen Boat serves food, roasted on a spit visible from the main room.

Beyond food and beverage, customers may also choose to find companionship from one several tags who work in the establishment. There are rooms on the second floor to accommodate such activities.

The owner is a Jhereg named Gerifin, who also runs an illegal card game in the back room.

As a part of the Jhereg, Gerifin worked for Fisher (until his untimely demise), and therefore works for Toronnan, who is also Vlad's boss. He therefore also ultimately falls under the employ of The Demon.

Among the regulars at the Tavern is the individual called Tuppi.