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(See also Eremit)

Daifan, operating under the name "The Demon", is currently the number-one figure in the criminal Jhereg organization. His true name is kept secret for his own reasons, though it is possible to find out as some (Vlad) have. (See also: Eremit) He is young, roughly below eight hundred years.

Brief history[]

He assassinated two of the three Council members who were still hanging around after the Interregnum. He declared his position then made it stick; things were very disorganized during and a little after the Interregnum and we may assume that there was no fixed structure in the Jhereg. Then he set about rebuilding the Organization (the Jhereg) from the remnants left over from Adron's Disaster (the Interregnum). At some point, he decided to accept outsiders purchasing titles into the House (with no constraints, so it was possible for at least one Easterner to purchase such a title). Eventually, the House was profitable once more and things were back to normal. And eventually, he became known as the number-two man following Curithne.

Daifan ordered the assassination of an extremely disruptive former Council member who stole funds and ran away. The assassin (our main character, the Easterner) was friendly with the target's "protector", a Dragonlord by the name of Morrolan, causing friction with Daifan. Daifan tried to kill Morrolan to avoid a war with the House of the Dragon; he managed but he was revivified (and yes, we know it sounds like the best way to ensure a war happens but it doesn't work like that, okay?). He failed also at killing the target with a second assassin. The next few days, the Easterner had pulled off an assassination which avoided war with the Dragons and still killed the target permanently, thus solving the problem for him.

The Easterner later became disruptive himself and was himself targeted until, following the death of the number-one Jhereg, Curithne, the assassin proposed a deal to Daifan. The assassin promised to solve a recent problem with the Left Hand of the Jhereg, elevating Daifan from number-two to the number-one Council position in the process. In return, Daifan would not try to kill him until after the problem was solved. The Easterner escaped and Daifan got the job.

Later, Vlad promised to make the Council very rich by introducing a new, illegal business model (eavesdropping on psychic communications) with minimal startup cost and huge revenues, in return for a cancellation of the contract on Vlad's life and soul. The Demon agreed to the deal, but attempted to assassinate Vlad at the meeting where he revealed his method for the spell. Vlad, however, was prepared for the betrayal, and used this situation to coerce an agreement with The Organization to call off the bounty on Vlad. Daifan thereafter prevented an assassination attempt from The Left Hand, demonstrating his fidelity to the new arrangement.


The following Jhereg are known to have fallen under The Demon's direct control within the Jhereg Organization at various times:


"Whenever they make a new law, they create a new business."

--A Jhereg saying authored by The Demon

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