Lyorn Records

A theater located in the North Hill district of Adrilankha. Home to The Ravenwing Players since the end of The Interregnum.

Built 1,000 years prior to the Interregnum out of casterstone by a former Viscount of Adrilankha named Alerac, the theater was one of three originally built in the district (along with the High Harbor Theater and the Clamshell Theater). At one time, there were underground tunnels actually connecting these three theaters, though these were later filled in.

After a very successful command performance of The Ravenwing Players for Zerika the fourth during the third year of her reign, a number of prospective financial backers emerged, offering to patronize the troupe and provide them with facilities and financial backing.

One such group succeeded and quickly set up the company in the Crying Clown Theater, giving a home to the previously nomadic theater company. ,