Lyorn Records

A secret jail (as opposed to a prison) founded and operated by the Duke of Traanzo prior to The Interregnum for the purpose of enabling corrupt nobles to dispose of inconvenient political adversaries without resorting to murder. Inmates of the jail were spirited there in secret, often with the aid of The Kinsmen, so that their friends and families were unaware of both the fact of their incarceration, and indeed, ignorant of the very existance of The Burning Island itself.

The Geography of The Burning Island[]

As easily deduced from the name, the jail facility was located on a remote island. The island was of volcanic origin, and through the use of Sorcery, was maintained in a state of constant erruption. This provided both a deterrent against landing anywhere on the island, aside from the one harbor facility that was well guarded at all times, and also allow for a thick bank of smoke and fog which obscured the island from observation. These factors made approach to the island by other than those few captains who knew the correct signals and navigational secrets akin to suicide. Buried inside the island was an extensive series of dungeons, as well as the various kitchens, supply rooms, guard barracks, and other necessities of such an installation.


Ultimately having been established and maintained by the Iorich family of the Duke of Traanzo, they oversaw an elaborate system of supply and recruitment that allowed appropriate food, staff, and supplies to be brought to the island to maintain the lives of its population; both those involved in keeping the inmates secure in their cells, as well as those responsible only for being kept within them.

In overall charge of the day to day operation of the facility was its Director, who changed from time to time, usually risen from the ranks of the other guards present on the island, in order to more easily maintain the secrecy necessary to its continued operation.


Individual prisoners were kept, one per single-room cell, in reasonable (if spartan) comfort for such a place. Each were allowed adequate if basic food, sanitary facilities, candles, as well as writing utensils and paper. Use of these last items being strictly monitored, with all resultant writings confiscated during the daily exercise period.

Inmates were not allowed to communicate with one another, and each was assigned a number (corresponding to his or her cell) that was used in place of their name at all times.


Ultimately, with Adron's Disaster, and the simultaneous disappearance of The Orb, the sorceries that kept the volcanic activities in equilibrium on the island suddenly ceased operation. It was at this exact moment that one of the prisoners, number 81, was able to escape the island to the mainland. Shortly thereafter, the local population onshore--who were previously (excepting those in the employ of Traanzo) unaware--learned of the island's existence. An armed expedition against the remaining guards on the island was subsequently launched, and the remaining individuals incarcerated there freed.

Notable Residents of The Burning Island[]