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This books centers on the life of an Iorich noble and his struggles as he faces betrayal, false imprisonment, and ultimately seeks to take his revenge on those who have wronged him.

See also Meta:The Baron of Magister Valley.

Plot Outline[]

Livosha and Eremit are two young Iorich lovers from neighboring noble families in the County of Wetrock. As the pair is happily betrothed, and their respective families stand to gain significant financial strength due to mining and fishing rights within their combined demesnes, the future appears bright for the young couple.

Unknown to the happy couple and their families, however, The Orca Lord Berwick and his son Yanis have conspired with Dorin the Count of Westward, who is also the local High justicer of the region to murder the families and steal their lands. Hearing rumors of this conspiracy, but not knowing who the perpetrators are, Eremit's parents send him on an urgent mission to the capital to plead for assistance from the Count. During Eremit's journey, the conspirators strike, killing his and Livosha's entire families along with all their servants. Besides Eremit, only Livosha and her brother Kefaan (who are able to use a secret tunnel and other preparations made by Livosha's parents) manage to survive the carnage.

Arriving in Dorindom, the capital of Westward, Eremit gains audience with Dorin, who, unaware at first of Eremit's identity as the son of his enemies in Wetrock, is caught off guard by his arrival. However, Dorin soon manages to turn the tables on Eremit and have him secretly arrested and spirited away by members of The Kinsmen. Kept in close confinement and allowed no communication Eremit is taken far to the north, through the city of Northport and across the ocean-sea to The Burning Island, a secretive jail from which the only escape is death, and the residents are apparently held without trial on a permanent basis.

While Eremit begins his long capitivty, Livosha and her brother manage to escape the betrayal of the moneylender Gystralan and with the help of his clerk Eremis, find employement in Candletown with Lady Ficora.

On The Burning Island, Eremit is introduced to The Director, the self-styled "host" (in actuality warden) of the facility, who explains his predicament to him. Eremit is assigned the number 81, and secured inside a small cell for all but a brief "exercise" period once a day (where any communication with other inmates is strictly forbidden, and during which all prisoners rooms are searched for contraband).

There, Eremit finds a surprising ally that guides him in a path toward achieving his revenge.

Swords are played and swashes are buckled in the epic conclusion of this incredible tale.

Oh, and later there are pirates.

Major Characters[]

Great Scenes[]

  • Wherein a boat is, if not in fact stolen, at least used in a way that is inconvenient to the person rightfully in possession of it.

Favorite Quotes[]

"I ... My lord Dust, the House of the Jhereg, well, we do not sell titles."

"We do now," said Dust.

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