Lyorn Records

Initially introduced as the unfortunate pawn of Pel's clever plan to free himself and his friends in The Phoenix Guards, the soldier redeemed himself after recovering from the wounds inflicted upon him by the affronted Jenicor e'Terics.

In the last days of Tortaalik's reign, he was a trusted officer of Khaavren's, and a reliable man of the elite Red Boot Company, having transferred from the White Sash Battalion.

Thack was, in effect, second-in-command of the Red Boot Company, and filled in for Khaavren on many occasions during the last frantic days of Tortaalik's reign.

Thack had the dubious distinction of being the senior guard on duty protecting Tortaalik when His Majesty was assassinated by Mario.

Thack perished along with many in Dragaera City during Adron's Disaster.