Lyorn Records

Temek was a Jhereg enforcer in Vladimir Taltos's organization who was skilled with daggers, darts, shuriken, throwing knives, any sword, an axe, javelin, rope and all varieties of poison and probably almost any mundane object. He was also a good sorcerer and a very good assassin. His partner at the time of his work with Vladimir was Varg.

Temek is tall and thin with brown eyes and a friendly countenance.

His single recorded occasion of assassination was ordered indirectly by Vladimir in response to a Dzurlord refusing to pay off a large amount of debt to which he owed someone in Vladimir's organization and consequently killing those sent to negotiate with him. Also, one of the people he killed was a personal friend of Vladimir. The costs, overall, were pretty high. This Dzur was an accomplished wizard, a Hero of his House and a highly skilled swordsman. Four days after hiring him, the target's head was pinned to a wall with a javelin and his left hand was gone. After the Empire investigate his death they were unable to trace his work to Temek, but found out that the loss of the Dzur's hand was a result of his wizard's staff exploding. They concluded: "Mario did it".

He was killed early on during the war between Vladimir and Laris.