Lyorn Records

Teleportation; moving magically from one place to another without passing through the intervening spaces.

As practiced on Dragaera, teleportation is normally accomplished through the use of Sorcery. (We know of only one instance where this was done using witchcraft instead. Taltos).

This ability was virtually unknown before the Interregnum, requiring prodigious sorcerous ability. Since the return of the Orb, however, it has become much easier to do this type of spell. It has become such a common mode of transportation, in fact, that it has made public transportation in Adrilankha virtually unknown. Within a few years of its emergence, spells for blocking and tracing teleportation were also common.

Teleporting to a location requires a sorcerer to know an exact location, and be able to recall it precisely from memory.

It is easier for a sorcerer to teleport something or someone away from himself than it is to teleport it toward himself.

Teleportation is a comfortable experience for most Dragaerans, but is disturbing to Easterners, causing queasy stomachs and disorientation for several minutes after each trip. Early adopters of teleportation post-Interregnum discovered a form of jet-lag, however, when they noted that east-west and even north-south travel over long distances can make the Furnace appear to change its position in the sky.

Users of Teleportation before the Interregnum[]

  • Adron himself also accomplished it to save Pel, Aerich, Khaavren and Tazendra at virtually the same time. (His connection with the Orb at that point apparently making this possible.)
  • The teleportation of small, nonliving items was indeed occasionally known before the Interregnum. The earliest recorded instance appears to have been the Sixteenth Dzur reign, where the Court Wizard allegedly teleported some maps to the Warlord, Shenta e'Terics.
  • During the 17th Athyra Reign, the wizard Tigarrae of Plainview claimed to have teleported himself across a room, but attempting to replicate this resulted in his death without success.