Lyorn Records

Some claim this may be a psiprint of Steven Brust, in an unknown location. There is no known explanation for his strange attire or the strange wall decoration visible in the full-size image.

There are two people who might lay claim to the name of Steven Brust, although it is possible they are the same person. Far be it from us to make a judgement on such scanty evidence as has been laid before us.

In the first instance, there is the esteemed colleague of Paarfi of Roundwood, who took on himself the task of translating that noble soul's books into an alien language. Paarfi has met this fellow at least once, although they did not, alas, have such concord of minds as might be expected from two such splendid intellects. We know very little about this figure, save that the language in which Paarfi is expected to address him is frustratingly lacking in gender-inclusive pronouns.

The second instance is a more shadowy and unknown figure, an Easterner from very far away, speaking no known language, whom Sethra referred to Vladimir Taltos. The Easterner paid Vladimir a good amount of un-coined gold to reveal his life story, under the promise of confidentiality, and gave him as well a strange device to continue telling tales to when the man himself was not available. At some point before the events of Hawk, this individual also provided Vlad with an equipment harness on which to hang several of his concealed weapons; oddly, this harness features "fancy strange sticky stuff you can pull off and put on again".

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