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A short length of gold-colored chain, carried by Vlad Taltos (usually wrapped around his left wrist or lower arm) as a defensive weapon for many years.

Spellbreaker would disrupt virtually any enchantment it came in contact with, giving Vlad a distinct advantage against enemies attacking with Sorcery.

Typically, Vlad wielded Spellbreaker in combat by spinning it in front of him as a shield against magical attack.

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Spellbreaker was "acquired" by Vlad during his recovery of the wooden staff containing the soul of Aliera e'Kieron from the home of the Athyra wizard Loraan.

It seems clear that while Spellbreaker derives its spell-disrupting ability partly from the fact that it is composed of gold Phoenix Stone, a substance that negates most sorcery, it also has been modified in some way to provide it with other abilities.

Vlad later used and included Spellbreaker to help create Godslayer, the Great Weapon he now carries. It is unclear whether Spellbreaker was once part of the original Godslayer though there are many hints to this effect. Verra, Sethra, and an unpronounceably-named knowledgeable Serioli all seem to recognize it on first glance as part of a Great Weapon, though they resort to oblique hints rather than just saying so.

  • The Serioli, when Vlad showed Spellbreaker to him, considered it an entity coming to visit him, as much as were Vlad, Morrolan, and Blackwand. When asked, he replied that it was "Not a great weapon—yet". He also said it was/will be part of one, but Vlad didn't have the patience to unravel the strange tenses.
  • Verra reacted strongly against it in her halls, and Spellbreaker appeared to threaten her as well. Her comment was only, "You have no idea, do you?"
  • Sethra saw it and immediately suggested that Vlad give it a name.
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Powers and Attributes[]

  • Disrupts virtually any enchantment on contact.
  • Seems to grow longer or shorter, and the links finer or coarser, at different times.
  • Is capable of moving on its own accord, standing perfectly upright, etc. — although this happens only at very special times. It appears to have a primitive sentience, though that's seldom displayed.
  • Bonds with bearer. Vlad finds that it has crawled back and wrapped itself around his arm while he's unconscious, and later finds that he has a psychic link to it.
  • Can be mentally entered and traversed by the bearer, a process that changes the bearer's psyche in ways not fully explored, though they seem to include removing the effects of powerful illusion spells, giving insight into and control over the bearer's own physical body (including healing), and perhaps conferring power to engineer soul-stuff.