Lyorn Records

This page is official Lyorn Records policy.

In general, strive to keep speculation and fact separate. While this wiki was created to accommodate both, for the sake of clarity, they should be clearly marked.

The primary article page for each topic should be confined to factual knowledge (i.e., things stated in the books). When possible, make a note of book title and chapter where a fact was found.

If you wish to discuss speculation or fan theories about a topic, please use the Speculation:Topic name page to write. Be sure to explain why you think it's possible these ideas could be true - that way, we can all follow along and come up with new ideas to surround yours.

For example, the Drien page would be an appropriate page to note that Drien was a Dragonlord, a contemporary of Kieron the Conqueror, and was believed to have changed sex at some point in their lifetime (as noted in Issola). The Speculation:Drien page would be an appropriate place to explain the theory that Drien's soul is the one currently inhabiting Pathfinder, which is made plausible by Pathfinder's androgynous nature.

If you wish to add "real-world" information to an article (for example, the origin of the name of Kathana e'Marish'Chala), the Meta:Topic Name page should be used. (For example, Meta:Kathana e'Marish'Chala) In general, try to keep real-life information and observations confined to these pages.

You can use the navigation bar at the top of each page in the wiki to quickly move between the Main article, Meta information, and Speculation pages on each topic.