Lyorn Records

Time in Dragaera is measured differently than on Earth, but certain elements seem to be fairly constant.

The Dragaeran year is 289 days long (seventeen squared), and a day is 30 hours long. This means a year is 8670 hours. Compared to our year of 8760 hours (8784 on leap years), this is a remarkable similar duration.

From this, and the fact that the average age of an Easterner seems to roughly match the life expectancy of a human in our world of the same technology level (early renaissance), it is mentioned in "500 Years After" that an hour has 60 minutes, and we can only assume that a minute there is the same as a minute here.

Add to this the fact that most of the events described as taking "an hour" or "several minutes" in the books are tasks that would take about the same amount of time here.