Lyorn Records

The "Easterner's Ghetto", this is the part of Southwest Adrilankha that is predominantly inhabited by Easterners. Many Teckla also live here. These are the slums of Adrilankha, near the slaughterhouses just outside the city to the west, and adjacent to the docks at the southern edge of the city.

Due to the tensions between Easterners and Dragaerans, this quarter of the city has seen considerable violence in the years since the Interregnum (when most of the Easterners first arrived in the city). Popular revolts in 221, and later the Revolt of 244 are examples of this.

Since poverty and violence are the rule here, and no noble house other than the Jhereg would be interested, the de facto administrators of this territory are the Jhereg Organization. Last we heard, Vlad Taltos bought all Jhereg territorial interests in South Adrilankha and gave them to his estranged wife Cawti to administer.

Notable Residents of South Adrilankha[]