Lyorn Records

The Silver Tiassa is a hand-sized jewelled ornament, resembling a tiassa, which stays with people and inspires them, but no one person for too long. It is made of solid silver with sapphire eyes, and wings in a fine, near transparent lattice.


According to Devera, the tiassa was created by the Goddess Mafenyi nine years before Devera's birth. She made it, in a cauldron made of light, because "she had to", and to give it more power included her own hand and eye. (She grew them back, of course.)

Beginning with Mafenyi, the tiassa has traveled to many people, generally being borrowed, stolen, or lent. It has been in the possession of:

  • Devera
  • Chuvin, an Athyra who made psiprints
  • Pindua, a Lyorn who sculpted in marble
  • Lord Feorae
  • Savn, who it is curing of his mental illness
  • Devera's parents, un-knowingly, as they conceived her
  • ...and possibly others not documented.

Mafenyi still wants it back, and Devera still takes it upon herself to go find it at times and pass it on to someone else.


In a manner reminiscent of Middle Earth's One Ring, the Tiassa seems to create or amplify emotions in those around it, in a way that gets it moved about from person to person, to where it "needs to be". Unlike the One Ring, its purpose seems more benevolent than malevolent, though who is to say?

From both Devera's account and Vlad's, the tiassa appears to act as a muse, inspiring those who hold it and helping their conscious minds access their own unconscious thoughts. It's notably beautiful and obviously valuable, but thoughts of stealing and selling it don't appear to be foremost in the minds of those who handle it. People tend to just want to see and hold it. And often, to make art.