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Lady Shireth was an elderly sorceress who led a faction of the Left Hand of the Jhereg in Adrilankha.

Around the time Vlad Taltos was running his own area near Malak Circle for the Jhereg Organization, Lady Shireth and her underlings were operating out of a manor in the Highroad area.

Shireth came into contact with Vlad while attempting to carry out a plan that involved selling a particular extract of Hishi processing to beings from another Necromantic Plane. After discovering interference with her plans, she attempted to have Vlad abducted in order to question him. While this abduction attempt failed, Vlad nonetheless ended up negotiating with Shireth's contingent for information pertinent to his own attempt to recover money lost due to the untimely death of Bereth.

Ultimately, this arrangement uncovered the interference of Tavissa, another member of the Left Hand representing a different faction. Shireth concluded her business with Vlad on more or less amicable terms, and presumably continued with her attempts to negotiate with the offworld beings for the sale of the hishi byproducts using an alternate agent.