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The number after sixteen.

Seventeen is the great mystical number of Dragaera. This is mostly due to the fact that there are seventeen turns in the cycle, which is Dragaera's most basic natural law.

This results in the number seventeen playing a major role in all important facets of Dragaeran life.

There are seventeen Dragaeran Houses, seventeen Great Weapons, seventeen days to the month, seventeen months to the year and seventeen Orbs to the Imperial.

Most of the Great Houses and the Dragaeran Empire itself include seventeen in their ceremonial rituals. (For example, to win membership in the House of Dzur, one must defeat seventeen Dzur Heroes in even combat.)

Basic Dragaeran Mathematics[]

Since the number seventeen occurs so often in combinations, there are other multiples that appear frequently in Dragaera.

  • 17 (examples; the number of houses, great weapons)
  • 17+17=34 (example; the number of chapters in each of the Khaavren Romances)
  • 17x17=289 (examples; number of days in a year, years in a phase, coppers in an Imperial)
  • 17x17x17=4,913 (examples; number of days in a turn, minimum duration of a cycle)
  • 17x17x17x17=83,521 (examples; maximum duration of a cycle, times Sethra the Younger had to write in the sand)
  • 17x17x17x17x17=1,419,857 (example; maximum duration of a Great Cycle)

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