Lyorn Records

A game played with eidolons, in which each player wagers money based on the perceived strength of his own hand, as compared with those of the other players.

Each player is dealt two hidden eidolons of a specific suit and value, then five more commonly shared eidolons are dealt, face up, onto the table. Each player must then use their personally held eidolons to match those among the commonly shared ones, in order to form the best possible hand.

A round of wagering follows the revelation of the common eidolons in the pattern as follows:

  • Two personal eidolons are dealt, to each player, and there is a round of wagering
  • The next three eidolons, called "the fall", which are the first of those that are commonly shared, are revealed at once, and there is a second round of wagering
  • The fourth common eidelon is revealed, (this is known as "the Four Ways") and there is another round of wagering
  • A final round of wagering follows the revelation of the final common eidolon, this eidolon is known as "The River of Dreams"

During each round of wagering, each player must either match the largest wager of all other players, or retire from the hand.

Once the final wagers are completed, any players remaining in the game reveal their hidden eidolons, to determine who has the strongest hand, and has thus won all the money wagered during the course of the hand.

See also Meta:Seven-Clawed-Jhereg.