Lyorn Records

An Athyra sorceress of great political power and influence before the Interregnum.


Late in the 17th cycle, Seodra had gained enough of a reputation as a sorceress that she served as chief advisor during the reign of Cherova III of the 17th Athyra reign. Her political connections ensured that she maintained a position at court even after the accession of Tortaalik. It is likely that, due to her influential position, she may have even played a role in the events leading up to the change of the Cycle.

Certainly, she attempted to secure an increase in her own power and influence afterwards, by plotting with the Warlord Lytra e'Tenith to use the arrest of Kathana e'Marish'Chala as leverage in a scheme to discredit Adron e'Kieron, and secure control of The Pepperfields for the e'Lanya line.

Seodra used the court favorite, Lord Garland as well as the Lyorn, Lord Shaltre, and a Jhereg assassin named Fayaavik in order to further these ends.

Her behind the scenes puppeteering drove many of the events portrayed in The Phoenix Guards.

As a result of her intrigues, she was finally arrested and imprisoned for her part in the conspiracy. Only her extremely powerful political influence saved her from the Executioner's Star.

She remained in prison until her death, presumably from natural causes, some four hundred years later.

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