Lyorn Records

Sándor was Court Wizard to King László of Fenario in Brokedown Palace.

His original name was Alfredo - an Eastern name, but not a Fenarian one. His original home was a village in an Eastern Kingdom to the south of Fenario. He was one of several young persons chosen to enter Faerie, get a Pathway to the Source of the Power of Faerie (link to the Orb), and return to become the village's high priest. Some of the young people did not return to the village, Alfredo among them. Having gotten his link, and having no wish to be high priest of the village, he decided to move up in the world by serving the royal family of Fenario.

Sándor is very old, having begun his service before the time of László's grandfather. His life has been extended by the sorcery he has learned, but there are limits to this extension. While he looks his age, his voice sounds strong and confident.

Sándor joined with László in opposing Miklós, although, when it seemed that Miklós wished to be reconciled with László, Sándor offered to make Miklós his apprentice, teaching him far more of sorcery.

When Miklós defeated the Demon Goddess, Sándor was not killed in the conflict or when the Tree renewed the Palace, but his link to the Source was severed, and he drowned after he fell into the River.