Lyorn Records

Count of Southmoor; An eminent Dragonlord of the e'Drien line prior to the Interregnum, Rollondar served as Warlord of the Empire for the last years of the reign of Tortaalik.

An advisor to Tortaalik during the final, eventful days of his rule, Tortaalik did not completely trust him, due to his involvement with the House of the Dragon, and his familial relationship with Adron e'Kieron.

As Warlord, Rollondar commanded the Imperial Army as it mounted the assault upon the forces of Adron e'Kieron that preceded Adron's Disaster.

Rollondar had at least two sons, Molric e'Drien and Morrolan e'Drien, though it is unknown if he ever actually met Morrolan. Rollondar's name means "star that never fails" in the same tongue Morrolan took his own name from.

Presumably, the Floating Castle, whose remains near Nacine were eventually rebuilt into Castle Black, was originally his residence.