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Ritt (of unknown house) was both a bandit in Wadre's Band and later part of Piro's The Blue Fox and Company. For a brief period in between, he was drawn into imperial service to aid Zerika the Fourth upon her return from the Paths of the Dead.

After the events surrounding Kâna's attempt to claim the Orb, Ritt was the only survivor from Wadre's Band, having seen each of his comrades fall in various battles over the years.

Ritt was granted an imperial pardon by Zerika, and joined the Phoenix Guard. In 85th year of her reign, Ritt was promoted to the rank of Ensign, and held that post into the time of Paarfi of Roundwood.

As one of the few who lived to tell the tales, it is possible that Ritt provided a good deal of information to Paarfi.

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