Lyorn Records

Castle Redface is the seat of the duchy of Eastmanswatch in the far eastern area of the Dragaeran Empire. In the years prior to the Interregnum, it was therefore the home of Adron e'Kieron and Aliera e'Kieron.

The castle is located less than 50 leagues from Pepperfield, which was north from the castle across the mountain. South of the castle is Redface cliff, a drop of more than 2000 feet to the Eastern River. To the west is Bengloarafurd, and to the east are the peaks of the Eastern Mountains: Ironwall and Whitecrown.

Paarfi of Roundwood ranks Redface as one of the glorious architectural masterpieces of the Empire, on par with the floating castles of the Drien lineage, and possibly even Dzur Mountain.

Originally constructed during the fifth cycle, the castle is composed of miles of tall, thick walls that appear as if to have grown directly out of the mountain side. Buildings within the castle are connected by a series of interconnected tunnels linked together to allow quick and protected transport of supplies. The keep of the castle is located in the center of this maze-like network of buildings, tunnels, and courtyards, and had its own set of walls and 9 independent towers.

Attempting to approach the castle itself is difficult as the roads up the mountain side are many, with most ending at dead-ends or at bare faces of rock. This in itself is an additional defensive advantage.

Redface survived Adron's Disaster, for when Pel sought to learn of Piro's destination when the young Tiassa set out from Dzur Mountain, the clever Yendi interrogated Tem as to their direction of travel. Pel speculated that Piro and his band may have been heading towards Redface, although he soon learned that their actual destination was Deathgate Falls.

It is unknown exactly who (if anyone) took possession of the castle during the Interregnum. Since after the Interregnum two known heirs of Adron e'Kieron turned up, it is reasonable to infer that it probably currently belongs to one of them, although neither his nephew Morrolan e'Drien nor his daughter Aliera e'Kieron occupy the castle full-time at present.