Lyorn Records

A theater troupe that produces plays and musicals in the North Hill district of Adrilankha.

Originally founded in Dragaera City during the 16th Teckla Republic, before the Interregnum, the company was created specifically to play the works of the 9th Cycle playwright Landza 'The Black Tiassa'.

After a disaster burned down their original theater in Dragaera City, the troupe went on tour for much of the late 17th Cycle, and thus avoided being destroyed by Adron's Disaster. During the Interregnum the company expanded their repertoire in order to make ends meet. Upon the restoration of The Empire, they achieved success in a performance for Zerika the Fourth, and found patronage (and a new permanent theater, The Crying Clown in Adrilankha.

Most recently, the company has been working on a new extended production of Song of the Presses.

Known Members of the Troupe[]

  • Praxitt
  • Jenka
  • Ruit
  • Ragboy,