Lyorn Records

A Teckla who sold meat pastries from a cart in Dragaera City shortly before the Interregnum.

Raf became a friend of Khaavren when the ensign helped the pastry vendor resolve a territorial dispute. After that, Raf provided the Tiassa with free pastries, and news of the city. Raf explained to Khaavren how he managed to make more money than his competitors by keeping his prices low, despite the fact that the price of wheat had grown much higher due to the unrest in the city. Things were going so well for Raf, in fact, that his wife's pottery business was flourishing, the two had moved into a nicer residence, and were considering having children.

On the day before the disaster, however, Khaavren encountered Raf again, but the industrious Teckla's mood had blackened. Roughnecks in a panic to leave the city had stolen his pastry cart, and Raf now lacked the income to even purchase flour. The Captain gave him a few coins in sympathy, but when the Tiassa departed to attend to his duties, he left a broken man behind.

Raf was killed in the explosion of amorphia that came to be known as Adron's Disaster.