Lyorn Records

The branch of magical studies devoted to the study of psionic energies. Both Dragaerans and Easterners on Dragaera are psychic to some extent. Aliera thinks it likely that psionic abilities were not native to humans or Dragaerans, but were added by the Jenoine during their gene-manipulation experiments.

Psychics are viewed as something of a curiosity by most Dragaerans. Many use them for communication, but most sorcerers tend to have disdain for their use—probably due to their connection with Eastern witchcraft.

A notable exception to this tendency is Daymar.

Common Uses of Psychics[]

  • Psionic communication
  • Creating illusions
  • Divining information (clairvoyance)
  • Sending another person a mental image (e.g. teleport coordinates)
  • Mind probes
  • Redirecting psionic energy
  • Seeing the future
  • Creating psiprints
  • Sapping one's will to do something (e.g. desire to attack)

How Psychics Relates To Other Branches of Magic[]

Psychics are an integral part of witchcraft; psychic energy is essentially the raw power that makes witchcraft spells operate. This power in turn comes entirely from the mind and body of the individual, unlike Sorcery which is externally powered.

Sorcery using the Orb can apparently amplify psionic abilities, making it easier to use for communication.

Notable Users of Psychics[]