Lyorn Records

Psionics is a psychic ability in almost all intelligent life forms (including Dragaerans, Easterners, athyra, dragons and jhereg) to produce a desired effect upon an object through concentrated control of imagination.

The potential ability of psionics is theoretically unlimited and alligns itself with the degree of perfection of the minds imagination, but once a certain level of imaginative strength is reached errors result in internal or external damage. The object of psionics attempts could be a living or inanimate and the difficulty of the work varies with the complexity and size of the object. It takes a very strong mental effort to destroy anothers' brain for example, while it takes a brief amount of concentration for a trained mind to cause a minature flame.

Among the most common application of psionic power is communication, which allows a mind to connect to another and establish dialogue and requires cooperation of both minds for it to occur. To achieve initial contact with another mind one must think of the other person using their experience of them; this is made easier if the person is physically present and harder if it is the first time such contact is made with this particular person.

Advanced users of psionics include witches, sorcerers, wizards, oracles and Daymar.