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Precipice Manor was a platform, in the form of a large elaborate mansion, built on the former site of Kieron's Watch. It is rigna!theiur to Tethia.

The mansion itself was large, featured numerous bedchambers, a fully equipped kitchen and pantry, a large private library, and also a large conference chamber with large windows overlooking the ocean-sea. Mirrors located throughout the house, especially in a central room covered with them on every surface, helped control the flow of the necromantic energies needed to sustain the unique properties of the platform.

The structure was first conceived by Tethia's father, Lord Zhayin, who worked for centuries to create a building that would allow passage through time, as easily as one passes through space. He made numerous attempts at this, as had other Vallista before him, seeing this sort of building as the ultimate expression of great architecture.

Ultimately, all his earlier designs failed. Then, during The Interregnum, he came to the realization that a new approach was possible, but that it would require the building to be designed as a platform that interfaced with the Paths of the Dead. As such, he arranged for his wife to give birth to their daughter Tethia within the Paths. This was accomplished with the aid of the demon Discaru.

Due to the nature of the relationship between the manor and the Paths, this had a confounding effect on the time-skipping abilities of Devera, who became trapped within the manor as a result. Ultimately, Vlad Taltos was able to investigate and negate the powers of the platform, breaking the connection to the Paths, and freeing Devera.

Later, Vlad used the building, especially the peculiar properties of its Conference Room, in an effort to negotiate a peace between himself and the Jhereg Organization.,,