Lyorn Records

A social group of friends in Adrilankha during the Interregnum. The group was named after an incident that occurred early in its history, when Shant, in company with some of the other members, encountered a wild boar in the woods west of Adrilankha. He was able to scare it away with the assistance of his new low-quality sword, which he then named "Porker Poker" in remembrance.

Through repeated retelling, all the society members remember being present during the poking of the boar, though only some actually were.

The Porker Poker was later hung on the wall as decoration, and replaced by a higher-quality sword.

Members of the Porker Poker Society include:

Several other members left during the Interregnum for various reasons.

Former Members:

  • Stagwood
  • Mialand
  • Flute

After the ascension of Zerika the Fourth several new members, including Röanna and Ibronka, were inducted, although the Society did not meet again during Zerika's reign.