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This page is about the House of the Phoenix. For the book, see Phoenix (book). For the animal, see Phoenix (animal).

The House of the Phoenix is one of the seventeen Great Houses of the Dragaeran Empire, and the one holding the Orb in the time of Vlad Taltos. They are the most 'noble' of the houses, and have always been a relatively small house because the House of the Phoenix does not consider a person to be a member of that House unless an actual phoenix flies overhead during the time of birth.

In the great Cycle, the House of Phoenix signifies both decay and rebirth. Phoenix have a natural air of nobility, even more so than other noble houses. Phoenix reigns are relatively well-balanced in attributes compared to other houses who accentuate their particular associated concepts. The fatal weakness of most Phoenix is that they tend to become become Decadent and absorbed in their own interests as their reigns progress. Typically, their rule becomes increasingly ineffective until a Dragon seizes command. Only a Reborn Phoenix doesn't fall into decadence. There have been only two Reborn Phoenix Emperors, both at the beginning of a Great Cycle: Zerika the First and Zerika the Fourth.

As far as is known, the only members of the Phoenix House to survive the Interregnum were the Empress Zerika the Fourth and Illista (who died shortly after the restoration). While it would appear the cycle will be broken in the future with no Phoenix to replace Zerika the Fourth, Verra and her two sisters believe that fate will bring two individuals together who can produce another Phoenix and restart the house.

See also Speculation:Cycle Turnings.

House Characteristics[]

  • House colors: gold
  • Associated concept: decadence and rebirth
  • Key to the Paths of the Dead: Book of the Phoenix
  • Physical appearance:
    • gold hair
    • gold or blue eyes
    • angular face
    • noble's peak
  • Personality traits:
    • are pure of character
    • have an "air of majesty" (TPG)
    • tend to think in grand terms
  • Social status:
    • currently there is a single living one, and she is the Empress

Notable Phoenixes[]


"You know the difference between a decadent Phoenix and a reborn Phoenix, Vlad?"
"Is this about to be a joke?"
"No. Or maybe yes, but no."
"Go ahead."
"A reborn Phoenix knows to get out before the bad decisions start, that's all." (Iorich (book))

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