Lyorn Records

“The domain of Pepperfield, a large, fertile plateau nestled between Mount Kieron and the Ironwall, was named for scores of varieties of natural peppers which grow there unattended, and for the dozens more, which, owing to the suitability of the land, due to soil and climate, are so readily cultivated.The Phoenix Guards

A strategically critical location, as it is also near a natural pass between the mountains separating the Dragaeran Empire and Fenario. Until the events described in The Phoenix Guards, Easterners would invade through this pass, and Dragaerans would in turn go raiding into the Eastern Kingdoms for horses.

For this reason, the Marquisate of Pepperfield was controlled by the Emperor, not inherited, and the title was granted specifically with the understanding that the Marquis would undertake the defense of this pass. The Marquis was also granted special privileges not available to most nobles, including the right to interrogate the Orb itself with regards to history. The Marquis of Pepperfield, prior to the events described in The Phoenix Guards, was the father of Uttrik e'Lanya.

After the Treaty of the Pepperfields was concluded by Khaavren and Crionofenarr, Pepperfield reverted to a Barony, and was granted to Adron e'Kieron.

Sometime in the recent past (likely around the year 220 PI) the mountain face containing the trail connecting the Pepperfields to Fenario collapsed on the eastern side of the mountains. This has made the route impassable for all but those willing to become mountain climbers.