Lyorn Records

A Teckla who, along with Kelly was partly responsible for instigating the Revolt of 244.


We actually know quite a bit of Paresh's background, since he described much of it to Vlad in Teckla.

Born in the 167th year of the Interregnum, Paresh was a kethna farmer in the region near Blackwater, in the Barony of Daavya. He lived on lands governed by a kindly female Dzur (Tazendra).

Sometime late in Paresh's 81st year (the 2nd year of the reign of Zerika the Fourth), his lands were attacked (presumably by Grita or her agents during the abduction of Tazendra described in Sethra Lavode), and all inhabitants of his lord's domain were killed. Paresh himself survived by hiding in his springhouse.

After the flames had vanished, Paresh made his way to his master's keep, which was deserted. Having nowhere else to go, Paresh moved in. He lived there for most of a year, studying Tazendra's books on sorcery, before a Lyorn noble (there can be no question that this is Aerich, since he gives his title as the Duke of Arylle) arrived in search of Tazendra. The Lyorn and Paresh had an encounter which resulted in Paresh fleeing the keep (and his former lands) forever.

Using his sorcerous abilities, Paresh made a living providing services for Teckla families as he made his way south, where he eventually reached Adrilankha. There, he joined up with Padraic Kelly, and became involved in his movement.

Note: The encounter between Paresh and Aerich is described very differently in Teckla and Sethra Lavode. During Paarfi's description, no mention of sorcery was made. However, this is an important point of Paresh's tale. In this case, Paresh's tale seems less likely, since given what we know of Aerich, he was not known to be able to easily deflect a sorcerous attack, even one as inept as Paresh was likely to generate.