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Paquitin was a low-level Jhereg boss who ran an area of Adrilankha next to Vlad Taltos' area in the Malak Circle neighborhood.

At one point shortly before his wedding, one of Vlad's card games had grown so popular, he decided to expand it into the flat next door. This was technically inside Paquitin's territory, however, and by the rules of the Organization he should have asked permission before expanding there.

Ultimately, Paquitin got permission from his boss Toronnan (who was also Vlad's boss) to hire an assassin to kill Vlad.

The assassin was successful, however no effort was made to make the death permanent, so Vlad was later revivified by Sethra Lavode.

Vlad immediately shut down the card game, and Paquitin left him alone afterward.