Lyorn Records

A short story available for download on Dreamcafe, as written by Paarfi of Roundwood.

This story details an intimate encounter between Celani (a Lyorn) and Tullis (a Dzur) at the Lonegarden Inn. It was written for the explicit purpose of proving to Paarfi's fellow historians the foolishness of using the sound of a spring when describing the physical reactions of a nipple.

Favorite Quotes[]

(All copyrights Steven Brust, quotes for review and enjoyment only)

"This kiss—-we will simplify it by calling it a kiss, although, in fact, it involved several different gestures of mutual affection, esteem, and desire: to wit, the joining of lips, mouths and tongues which is summarized in what is normally called a kiss, and to which we have just referred in that exact term; hugging, that is, the wrapping of arms about each other; and, in some measure, fondling, that is, while the four arms were occupied in an embrace indicating no small degree of passion, at the same time, the four hands joined to these four arms involved themselves in patting, rubbing, squeezing, and caressing (as best they could through the intervening clothing) those portions of the anatomy most appealing to lovers and most accessible from their current position—-this kiss, we say, was of such passion, tenderness, and duration that the historian despairs of attempting to capture it in a single sentence."